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The Certified Production Technician (CPT) course is the foundation of the Production Academy's program. This course gives students multiple certifications, and is a fast-track to a career in Live Event Production. The CPT program provides students with the tools needed for a career in Live Entertainment Production as a  Lighting Tech, Audio Engineer, Rigger, Stage Manager, or an Event Producer.

Visuals Professional Program

Both Lighting and Video Technicians are the eyes of the industry; they are responsible for lighting, video, and special effects used in live entertainment events. They design, deploy, and control lighting and video systems.

Audio Professional Program

An Audio Engineer is the ears of the industry; he or she designs, chooses, and helps deploy the sound system for live events. This rewarding position requires a high level of expertise.

Rigging Professional Program

Entertainment Riggers are the shoulders of the industry; he or she is responsible for suspending objects from overhead structures using chain motors and truss systems. This is one of the highest paid positions in the live entertainment industry.